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Ouwe neukers

ouwe neukers

Van Dale Groot woordenboek van de Nederlandse taal. Oude vrouw neuken pornofilms - 27124 resultaten : 89 25:33 Views 91 33:16 Views 90 12:46 Views 87 17:2 Views 88 12:38 Views 88 28:1 Views 86 02:7 Views 92 12:757 Views 91 14:0 Views 90 25:39 Views 89 11:81 Views 87 20:7 Views. An even stronger variant is Beftekkel (literally: "cunnilingus dachshund which is the female variant of klootzak. It literally means co-countryman. It is not used as an exclamation, but can be used as part of some common expressions: for example, schijtluis (literally: "shit louse schijtlijster shit thrush or schijterd shitting person means "chickenshit" or "coward". Kut Kut is a word for the vagina. It is often written between scare"s to accentuate its difference from a "Nederlander". To wish a disease upon someone, the words krijg.

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In Afrikaans, poep is a common term used for "fart". It was first noted in esmee sexjobs 1574. It is also in use in the Afrikaans language. It is considered less offensive than the standalone word neuken. The diminutive sletje is also commonly in use. 5 See also tering. The related adjective and adverb kattig is equivalent to the English "catty".

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ouwe neukers